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Friday, April 15, 2011

Go to the theatre this weekend!

Saw Scream 4 this afternoon, and loved it! It brings back the satire of the first 2 films, as well as the gore, and does away with most of the melodramatic bullshit that was in the 3rd movie. Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for both a Wes Craven cameo(at least, it sure LOOKED like him, in the background of an early scene)and a funny reference to the principal that Henry Winkler played in the first film. They both happen kind of quick, but the second one had me laughing like a loon at the facial expression.

So, forget all of the soap opera dialogue and dream sequence ghosts that were in the third film, and go have a good chuckle while watching the new one. It fits the tone of the first 2 films much better, and has a TON of kills! (and if the opening "celebrity kill" sequence in this one doesn't make you giggle, you have a heart of stone...) It's not perfect...the "love theme" of Gale and Dewey was altered in a bad way, and there's no sign of "Red Right Hand" or a Randy cameo anywhere in sight(when they first went into production, there were rumors of a "flashback scene" in a classroom, where Randy supposedly had some new "rules" dialogue)...but it's a pretty good critique of slasher remakes(and all pointless remakes in general, really) and modern technology popping up in today's horror films so often. If you liked the goofy tone of the 2nd movie, you'll enjoy this one, trust me.