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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another change...

Okay, so I watched NL's Class Reunion last night, and it's not really a slasher fact, it's not really ANY kind of movie, as the gags are pretty random. So, in place of that movie, I'll be watching Sleepaway Camp instead.

How non-slasher was Class Reunion? Well, a possessed chick and a preppy vampire had more screentime than the killer. And the few actual kills were supporting characters...the one time the killer attacked one of the main characters and supposedly killed him, he just woke up a few scenes later as if nothing had happened. Incidentally, the only time I laughed during the film was when the possessed chick was front and center. She deserved her own film.

I'll watch it a second time, to see if maybe I misjudged it, but don't hold your breath. If you want to see a slasher spoof done right, rent Student Bodies. Or Pandemonium. Or the first Scary Movie. Or, hell, even that crappy spoof that starred Tom Arnold. But skip this one, you'll just be disappointed by how much potential they squandered.