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Friday, March 2, 2012


Hey hey! This time out, I'm watching a movie called Whisper. It's what Home Alone would have looked like if Rob Zombie ruined...uh, I mean, "remade" it, like he did with Halloween. As always, I'm giving SPOILERS up the wazoo, so I hope your wazoos are empty!

So, my reference to Home Alone was actually pretty dead-on. The basic plot is that a team of criminals kidnap a young boy from a wealthy family, and he outwits and kills them, one by one. The only things missing are Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. The stars are mostly from television, which kind of has me wondering if this started out as a made-for-cable movie or something.

Anyway, it starts out in a forest. A woman is being chased by a wolf or dog of some kind, and he's gaining on her. She gets a brief bit of hope when she sees that there's a construction crew and a road a few feet away, but her optimism vanishes when she sees that there are actually 3 to 4 wolves after her.

Terrified, she wanders out onto the road, where a car narrowly misses splattering her entrails all over the road. Unfortunately, she fails to see the car going the OTHER way, and it does turn her into a road pizza. Nice irony. As the road crew and drivers all try to help her, the main wolf that was chasing her darts back into the woods.

In the next scene we meet David, the main character. He's in his bedroom playing with toy cars, smiling as he makes them crash into each other. Nice kid. His mother calls him to come downstairs, and he tells her that he'll be right there.

We then meet 2 more main characters: Max, a recently paroled ex-con, and his girlfriend Roxanne. Max is played by Josh Holloway(Sawyer on Lost), and Roxanne is played by Sarah Wayne Callie( who is on The Walking Dead). They are interested in starting up a small restaurant together, but Max being recently out of prison makes their dream seem like a bad investment to every bank they meet with.

Anyway, back to little David. His mother can't spend the day with him, but he will be surrounded by his friends at his birthday party, and someone named, yay. It turns out that Max and Roxanne have agreed to help their acquaintance Sid out with a scheme to abduct David from his own party. Oh, and Max is dressed as Santa Claus. This is a very subtle plan here.

So Max distracts the children by dumping out a sack of toys all over the floor, while David quietly decides to duck out the back door. In the snow, David is hovering over a dead bird on the ground. He places a napkin over the bird and tries to bring it back from the dead, but Max interrupts him.

As the other children are killed into another room for cake and ice cream, David's mother comes looking for him. She wanders outside, where she finds both the dead bird and a ransom note.

While Max is driving away from the scene of the crime, the rest of the team are waiting for him at a remote location. In addition to Roxanne and Sid, there's also a sarcastic drunk named Vince involved with this whole kidnapping scheme. There's some friction between Vince and Roxanne, so Sid attempts to distract Vince with a card game. Unfortunately, the game is cut short, because one of them forgot to remove the Jokers from the deck. Oh no, now they can't POSSIBLY play cards! Very dramatic.

Max shows up, and they transfer David from the van to the other vehicle. A tow truck pulls up, thinking that one or both vehicles might need some assistance, but they all tell him that everything is fine. He drives away, but seems to be pretty leery of the group. Foreshadowing? Wait, it just got weirder....after the trucker leaves, he has a vision(somehow caused by David, even though he's still in the trunk) in which a couple of murders take place with an axe.

After the weird scene with the axe goes by, the abductors drive both vehicles to an even more desolate area, and set the van on fire, along with the Santa suit and anything else they think might be used to trace them.

Back at the mansion, the lead detective on the case is none other than Skanky from the old series Forever Knight. There was a Universal Pictures logo at the top of the movie, but I swear this had to be made for television. Probably Canadian television, judging by the cast so far. And the look of the budget.

Anyway, the other cop is played by Dule Hill, yet another television actor. Sheesh, I feel like I should be taking a commercial break here. Hey Mom, ever get that not so fresh feeling? No? Okay, then back to the film.

The kidnappers cross over into Maine, ayuh. They get to a houswe that seems pretty far off the beaten path, and set up to be there for awhile, as they put the next stage of their plan into place. Max gets David out of the trunk, then blindfolds him. Max is wearing a ski mask to hide most of his face from David, so I'm not real clear on why the blindfold is needed.

Max hears something in the woods, and actually takes off his mask to face it....because this movie was written by brain-damaged hamsters, would be my best guess. If there was someone in the woods, they just got a great look at Max. As he gently lifts David out of the trunk, a black dog or wolf surprises him. He freaks out, but the dog goes away as quickly as it arrived. Nice doggy.

After that, everyone settles in. It turns out that the hideout they're in is the site of a summer camp that's closed until the end of winter. Nice. The interior of the building they're staying in makes the house on Haunted Hill look like a luxury resort. It's all dust, cobwebs, and warped, creaky wood.

Being close to Canada, they discover that the television mostly gets channels in French. Roxanne brings David to one of the bedrooms, locks him in, then tells him that he can remove the blindfold. He waits, however, choosing to feel his way around the walls first. Weird kid.

Anyway, the other kidnappers make fun of Roxanne and Max, because they're being so nice to the kid. Vince even calls Roxanne a den mother. Then David removes the blindfold and sees that they've given him some paper and about a thousand crayons to draw with. Oh, and while Roxanne puts away some groceries and supplies, Sid warns her not to get attached to David.

David is seen sitting in the dark, listening to the tv in the next room. Later, Roxanne puts a ski mask on, and goes into the locked room to tuck David in for the night. When he asks her why she and the others wear the masks around him, she explains that she doesn't want him to be able to identify her. David promises not to look if she takes it off, and Roxanne suddenly hears indistinct voices in nthe room. When the voices stop, Roxanne agrees to remove nthe mask, but only if David keeps it a secret.

She removes the mask, and sings "Midnight at the Oasis" to help David fall asleep. Through the ventilation duct, everyone can hear her singing. An ominous spark goes off in the furnace, but that's about it.

In bed, Max and Roxanne discuss their plans for their share of the ransom money. Aside from the restaurant, Roxanne has a scar on her temple that Max suggests could be removed through surgery. She doesn't seem to like the idea.

Then they btalk about how a guy named Jones is going to get the ransom money, and David could be home the following night. David hear the details, and sits up in bed. Somewhere, a disgruntled guy running a slasher movie blog yawns.

After everyone has gone to sleep, another black wolf shows up outside the house. At the same time, Roxanne hears David's voice, commanding her to kill Max. She looks around the dark bedroom, and David lunges at her, covering her mouth with his hand.

Awwww, it was a dream sequence. What a rip-off. When she wakes up with a loud gasp, Roxanne manages to wake up Max as well. She tells him that she had a bad dream, then asks Max to see if David's okay. Being totally p-whipped, Max does as she asks.

In David's room, the bed is empty and one of the windows is wide open. As Max closes it, David scares him by popping up behind him. He then calls Max by name, and says that he heard it earlier that day at some point. Max leaves quickly, and David just sits on the edge of the bed, staring at him as he goes.

The next morning starts with Vince freaking out. He claims that David smashed some bottles of insulin that he had stashed in the trunk, even though Max tries to convince him that it was just an accident. Then an arrangement is made to drive Vince back over the border to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and the agitated psycho is calm again--until he sees that David has somehow managed to escape from his room, and has seen all of their faces now. D'oh!

Sidney and Vince both threaten to kill David, while Roxanne and Max try to talk them down from committing murder. Max takes Vince to pick up some more insulin, while Roxanne takes a picture of David to send as proof that David is still alive. Vince convinces Max to get some lunch in Portsmouth, so they drive around for a little bit.

While Max looks for a place to get lunch, Sid puts on a ski mask and enters David's room. He finds a picture on the wall that David drew, showing all four of the kidnappers standing in a group, with their faces plain as day.

Sid asks David not to tell anyone what he and the others look like, or their names. To emphasize his point, he tells the boy about an incident during a bank robbery. When a teller pushed a silent alarm, his partner was forced to shoot her in the face. After the story, David shows him a picture of a necklace that he drew. The boy claims that it was the necklace that the teller was wearing the day that she died.

David then tells him that he knows all of the details of that day...including the nfact that it was Sid, not his partner who killed the teller. As Sid continues to stare at him, David also informs him that he's having a fatal heart attack. Sid leaves the room, but fails to lock the door.

As Sid staggers into the living room and falls over, Roxanne hears the commotion and comes running. Sid tries to call 911, but Roxanne kicks the phone away, reminding him that they can't afford to be traced in any way. She tries to tell him that Max and Vince will return in time to get him to a hospital, but it's too late to save him.

When Max and Vince finally arrive, Roxanne tells them that Sid died of a heart attack. She put the body in the basement, and Max tells Vince that they'll have to take the corpse with them, as the snowy ground is too hard to dig a grave in. Vince then sees spiders in the basement, and squishes one.

David goes back into his bedroom, where he plays with one of the spiders. Max, Roxanne and Vince try to come up with a new plan, and there are 2 possibilities: either Max goes to the rink where Sid was supposed to pick up the ransom money, or they just drop the kid off somewhere on a populated road, and drive away. Vince wants the money, Roxanne just wants to drop David off somewhere, and Max is wavering between both plans.

The scene ends before Max reveals what he thinks they ought to do. Vince and Max drive into town to call about the ransom dropoff, and Vince tries to give Max a pistol. Max shrugs him off, and leaves him in the car to make the phone call.

Max enters what turns out to be an indoor skating rink. He sees newspapers that feature David as their major story, then a payphone rings. Max answers it, and explains to the anonymous person on the other end that Sid died. The voice tells Max to get ready to call David's mother, and that there will be a meeting at a museum the next day. After working out the basic details, the caller hangs up.

The investigators hold a meeting to go over the evidence. It's not much...some tire tracks in the snow, the remnants of the van that was torched, and 2 fingerprints. That's all they have, though.

Back in his room, David has drawn more images on the walls, including pictures of playing cards. Max enters the room, and tells David thast they're going for a ride in the car. As they leave the room, a close look at the kidnappers that David drew reveals that Sid's image has peen colored black. Creepy.

During the ride in the car, they drive past a couple making out in another vehicle. David gives the male in the other car a flash of images that suggest that the sex could turn violent. Then David is pushed to the floor of the car, and they keep driving.

They find a location that appears to be a junkyard or automobile graveyard(tires are stacked up at different spots, as well as barrels, and other odds and ends), and they hook up the equipment needed to disguise their voices and scramble any tracers.

They call David's mother, and she asks for proof that he's alive. Unfortunately, when Max removes the voice distorter and holds the phone up to David's face, he refuses to utter a sound. After several seconds, Vince yells at David, and the ensuing argument makes them slip up and reveal each others' names. When he realizes what just happened, Max swiftly hangs up, and rips all of the high-tech devices from the phone.

Back in the mansion, the investigators reveal that they didn't buy enough time to trace the location of the call. David's mother asks a few times if they think the kidnappers killed her son yet, and her demeanor makes one of the detectives uneasy. Hmmm....

As the kidnappers pack up the gadgets, David mentions that he'd like to get some ice cream on the way home. This makes Vince lose his cool, and he lunges at the kid. As Roxanne moves to get between them, Max punches Vince, then shoves David into the trunk.

On the return trip, they see the same vehicle that they spotted before, but no sign of the couple. Then Max is forced to swerve the car to avoid hitting the guy from the car, because nhe's standing in the road, shirtless and with his hands covered in blood.

At the house, Roxanne wakes up hearing David whispering. She gets up to look around, and nearly has a heart attack when Vince pops up in front of her. He tries to come on to her, but she resists his cheesy lines.

Instead, Roxanne finds a lonely spot, and prays to be forgiven. A noise startles her, and Roxanne finds several wet footprints that lead her to the basement. There, she finds Sid's corpse, almost on top of her. Yikes!

The next day, Vince finds David sitting out in the living room area, setting up a chess game. When he asks David who let him out of his room, David tells him that no one did. Then the boy informs him that Max has gone somewhere to speak to a contact named Jones.

Vince tells David that he should be dead by now, especially after he botched the ransom demand. David replies that Vince can't kill him, and the n2 sit across from each other, just staring. Golly gee, I wonder who will die next?

They get interrupted by Roxanne, who call one of them "sweetie", and walks into another room. David suggests that she should be Vince's girlfriend, instead of being with Max. The he reveals that he heard her praying the other night.

When Max gets to town, there are cops everywhere. They found the body of the young woman whose boyfriend was compelled to murder her, and it's not exactly safe to meet with "Jones" under the circumstances. Frustrated by this unexpected turn of events, Max drives back to the house.

Vince frightens Roxanne in the kitchen, and she spills a drink. As she attempts to clean the mess, Vince gives her a hug, and tells Roxanne that it's all going to work out. As Roxanne tries to pull away, we discover that she and Vince had a fling while Max was in prison, but broke up.

Vince tells Roxanne that he wants to be with her, then mentions that he knows that she had an abortion, and that the baby was his. Roxanne tries to deny it, then demands to kinow how he found out about the baby, because she had never told anyone about it.

Vince asks Roxanne to sleep with him one more time, and he even takes her wedding ring. She does nothing to resist him. As David is blacking out another person on his wall, Vince kisses Roxanne, and the scene abruptly ends right there.

In the city, Max gets another call from the mysterious "Jones", who tells him that the call from yesterday was a disaster. Jones tells Max that they have no choice but to kill David now, but Max hates the idea. They argue for a bit, until Max spots a guy in the museum also on a cell ohone. He grabs him, but it isn't Jones. Jones agrees to one final meeting, at the restaurant that Max wants to buy.

They end the conversation, then Max walks up to a payphone, and hides the cell phone underneath it. As he watches from a hiding place, a grey-haired man approaxches the same phone, grabs the hidden one, then walks out of the museum. Max follows him, but a dog distracts himk in the parking lot, and the mystery man gets away.

At a construction site, Max catches up to him. Max yanks the guy around by his collar, but the man denies being Jones. When Max points out that he knew about the phone, the man says that he was paid to leave the phone for Max, then pick it up when the scheme was finished.

Max demands a description of Jones, then we see David rolling a crayon on his desk back and forth. At the same time, a screwdriver on a scaffolding above Max and the stranger also begins to roll, and it plants itself in the top of the phone guy's skull, killing him in an instant. David wins again, and it shows up as another mural on the wall.

Vince looks in on David, and his picture on the wall is partially blacked out now. Roxanne taakes a shower to get some time by herself, but hears nthe door creak open. She creeps over to the wall to have a peek, and sees a wolf in the doorway. When she turns back to hide, she sees the shadow of a second wolf prowling on her other side.

As the wolf near nthe entrance comes closer, Roxanne finds a wrench on the floor and grabs it. As she tries to work up the courage to confront the wild animals, Roxanne hears the door open again, then it gets very quiet. As Roxanne peeks in both directions, it looks like both creatures have left as mysteriously as they arrived. she puts the wrench back down, and stands up to leave, but Max comes out of nowgere, demanding to know what she did.

It was another dream sequence. Still sitting on the floor of the shower room, Roxanne finds herself still clutching the heavy wrench. She begins sobbing, and stays on the floor for a bit longer.

Still playing chess, Vince watches as David makes one of the playing pieces vanish. when Vince demands it back, David responds that he'll return it after telling Max about what Vince and Roxanne were doing in the kitchen. After he also tells vince that he has checkmate, the angry kidnapper sweeps nall of the pieces onto the floor with an angry roar. Then he grabs David, and tells him that they have a new game to play.

Roxanne puts on a robe, and finishes wiping her face dry, as David and Vince head outside. Vince marches David over to the trees, then attacks him with a fireplace poker. As he knocks David to the ground, they both hear something break. David reveals that he put the new insulin bottles in the pocket of the jacket he was wearing, and now they're all smashed again. D'oh!

Vince starts to strangle David, who uses his powers to try to get Vince to let him go. Vince lets him go long enough to re-check the bag of insulin bottles, and David disappears when Vince looks up from the bag again. From the distance David taunts Vince, telling him that he knew he was incapable of murder.

Roxanne hears Vince shouting David's name, so she runs outside. While Vince is trudging through the forest looking for the kid, a couple of wolf-like shapes can be seen running through the trees nearby. Vince hears them and walks toward the sound, then sees some movement, and follows it.

Roxane follows the two into the woods, just as Vince finds a clearing. There's an ice pond here, and David is standing at the center of the frozen water. Not being particularly bright, vince decides to walk out onto the ice to snatch the boy. Now I'm no psychic, but I have a feeling I know what's going to happen next. Heck, anyone who's seen the second Omen movie knows what's coming up...

So Vince starts walking toward David, and the ice begins to crack. I guess Vince saw that movie as well, because he decides to move back onto the snow to wait David out. As David starts to return to the snow, Vince tells him that he's going to break the kid's legs. Roxanne sees their tracks in the snow, and rushes to find them.

As Vince continues to threaten David, the young boy tells him to look around. Vince turns around just in time to see a black wolf running straight at him. Vince gets scared and runs back onto the ice, not bothering to move carefully to avoid breaking through the ice. When he looks behind him, he sees David back on land, with the wolf acting like a pet. David then says, "Checkmate."

As expected, Vince hears the ice cracking pretty loudly around him now, and plunges into the water like an anchor. He does what the kid in Omen II did, and tries to break through the ice with his hands and fists, but to no avail. David stands above him on the ice and waves. The little shit.

Roxanne arrives then, and David pretends to panic over Vince falling through the ice. Despite the black wolf growling at her, Roxanne stands her ground to "rescue" David, and they leave Vince to die beneath the ice.

A couple of faxes come in to the police station, and the fingerprints belong to Vince. Yeah, good luck arresting him now! Anyway, Detective Miles(the one played by Dule Hill) sees the fax, then decides to keep the information to himself. He gets a call tracing Vince to the pharmacy in Maine where he filled his insulin prescription. Miles takes off to see if he can get any good follow-up information that might help to locate David.

Someone is seen walking on the frozen pond, as Roxanne fixes David a bowlmof cereal. As he's eating, David suggests that not having Vince around must be a relief to Roxanne. She tells him not to talk like that, but he keeps insisting that Vince being out of the picture should make her happy.

The person walking across the pond turns out to be Max. For some unknown reason, he just decided to take a spotanrous walk to the frozen pond, and he even finds Vince under the ice. So now he's psychic? This movie makes less sense every minute that it drags on. Domn't get me wrong, I kinda like it....but scenes like this one seem kind of like padding more than anything.

Anyway, as Roxanne walks away, she misses seeing David's eyes turn black. David finishes his cereal, and Max returns. David begins to swat more spiders with a loud whack, and it drives Max crazy. When David goes back to his room, Max and Roxanne have a fight over what to do next. Max wants to make the rendezvous the next day, but Roxanne is terrified at the thought of being alone with David.

Miles arrives in Maine, and buys a local map. Based on a note he found, he locates the campground on the map. Gee, that was fast! If theyb had put Miles in charge of the case, the movie would've ended an hour ago!

Down in the basement, Roxanne decides to play Nancy Drew. She nearly collides into one of the corpses, which seems to be her shtick. When Max wakes up to go looking for her, David can also be seen awake. Roxanne finds Vince, and goes through his pockets to find her ring, but Max beat her to it. He sneaks up behind her, and demands to know why her ring was with Vince, instead of on her finger.

Roxanne confesses to the affair, but Max leaves her babbling in the basement. He gets the car keys, even after roxanne begs him not to leave her alone with David, and drives off to parts unknown. He hears david while he's driving, then the boy suddenly appears next to him in the car, causing Max to jump, and sending the car into a swerve.

When Max gets the vehicle under control again, David is no longer in the car with him. A the same time, Miles finds the house. As he draws his gun and makes an approach, a couple of the wolves appear, snarling at the detective, He hurries into the house, and finds Roxanne sitting in the living room. He cuffs her, then goes looking for David.

He finds the boy in his bedroom, still drawing on the walls. David tells Miles that each person's story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And the wolves start growling again, right out the window.

Max gets to the latest meeting place, where he finds a newspaper article about the kidnapping. According to the article, everyone thinks that david has been killed already. Back at the house in the woods, David tells Miles that there's a phone in the basement. Miles heads down there, but the steps break. As he falls to the basement floor, Roxanne slams the door shut and locks Miles away.

Miles shoots at the door, and one bullet gets Roxanne in the arm. As he prepares to fire again, Roxanne beats him to the punch, blasting the detective off of his feet with a shotgun. She gets upset and runs into another room to cry, but David follows her. As he tries to tell her that she had no choice but to shoot the detective, David blows into his hand, then rests it against the scar on Roxanne's forehead. She feels a painful jolt hit her, but when she looks into a nmirrir, the scar is gone.

David gives her the handcuffs, and Roxanne asks David what he is. He tell.s her that he's an angel. Then he shows her what Hell is like, as portrayed on his mural. When he asks her if she's gioing to kill Max before he kills them, Roxanne protests that Max would never do that. Nevertheless, David tries to plant the idea in Roxanne's head that she can save Max from damnation by murdering him.

The next morning, Max wakes up in the diner. Someone taps on the window next to him, and Max sees a child grinning in at him. Then the phone rings, and Max finds himself speaking to Jones again. When Jones once again tells him to kill David, Max hangs up.

Then we get an unexpected plot twist: Jones is actually David's own mother. She intentionally botched the phone calls and ransom meetings, to try to force the kidnappers to kill her son. She also tells him that David isn't human, and that he torments everyone he meets. Oh, and David isn't really her son, she adopted him. She claims that David gets stronger as he grows up, and that he needsw to be stopped before more people die.

Max still refuses to kill David, who is currently getting his hair washed. Upset that her plan didn't work, David's mother takes out a gun and shoots herself in the head. Max tries to call Roxanne, but the number is out of service. He rushes to get back in the car and hurry home.

David and Roxanne wander the dark house together, and Roxanne builds a nice fire to keep the place warm. David puts his head on the ground, and claims that he can hear "a bad man coming". That must be Max, because he arrives, and takes a gun out of the glove compartment before heading inside.

At the front door, Max yells to Roxanne, to see if she's okay. She replies that she is, but wants Max to forgive her. When he says that he does and enters, Roxanne shoots him. she yells at David to run away, while Max limps away to try to come up with a new survival plan.

Max enters the house again, and David's voice in his head tells Max that Roxanne needs to be killed before she can hurt anyone else. In Roxanne's head, David whispers the opposite, that she needs to kill Max first. Then David shows up, along with his wolves, and the house begins to fall apart.

Max covers his ears in the chaos, and everything goes calm. When he puts his hands down again, the noise and violence return. Max figures out how to put a stop to David's influence, and runs after the boy. Max gets to a storage area, and the room goes quiet again. As he looks for David, Max sees colls and other objects in the room come to life around him.

While Max is searching the room for any sign of the kid, Roxanne enters, and also tries to lure David toward her position. Max catches several glimpses of David, as well as a few quick flashes of a wolf. Max hears David taunting nhim, and he fires in every direction when the voice says anything. He then finds Max a few feet away and gets a direct shot off.

Or not. David appears behind Max, and Max sees that he actually shot Roxanne. He rushes to her side, and she dies in his arms. Enraged and in grief, Max tries to shoot David, but he can't seem to do it. As Max approaches the boy, David shows, via flashbacks how his whispers killed everyone they met in the film.

when he finishes bragging, david tells Max to point the gun at his own head, or he will hear David's whispers in his head for eternity. Max places the gun next to his head, then moves it subtly to just behind his head. He fires the gun, and the blast renders him temporarily deaf.

Pretty clever! With no hearing, David can no longer control Max or influence his actions. David realizes what has happened, and looks genuinely terrified now. Ha! They both run outside, and Max grabs an axe before chasing David through the forest. The wolves follow Max, but he keeps tracking David.

He traps David, then pins him against a tree. As he raises the axe to kill the boy, Max suddenly sees a vision of Roxanne behind David. In every direction, Max now sees the ghosts of the others who were killed by David. They all drop to the ground, where it's revealed that they were really the wolves, approaching and surrounding Max.

The pack lunges at Max all at once, and he makes a last attempt to kill Max, by hurling the axe toward the boy. It goes flying through the air, before landing in David's forehead. Yay! without David to control them, the wolves all slink back into the woods. Max looks at David to make sure that he's actually dead, then he takes a rest on the ground to catch his breath.

In the last scene of the film, a sidewalk Santa is ringing his bell and asking for donations. A mystry man drops an attache case at Santa's feet, then keeps walking. Inside nthe case is the money that was used as David's ransom. Santa looks up, and Max just shrugs at him as he continues to walk down the sidewalk, THE END

Despite numerous plotholes, this one was pretty fun to watch. I liked it much more than that remake of The Omen a few years ago, and both have a very similar structure. I wish that they had expanded on the whole "angel" concept, though Some backstory flashbacks would nhave given the plot more to work with. But all in all, this was a fun one. 4 killer trees out of 5, with the hope nthat they do a sequel or prequel at some point.

And what did I learn from Whisper?

-Angels love murder.

-There's a reason why parents don't allow their kids to draw on the walls...the kids use the pictures to kill them.

-Whenever someone evil tries to get into your head, fire a gun next to your's foolproof.

My next film just arrived, a classic fromm 1992 called Dr. Giggles. It;s weird that it says 1992, because I can distictly remember seeing ads in magazines for this one when I was a senior in high school, in 1990. It must have sat on a shelf for awhile before going to theatres. Oh well, see y'all next week!